December 19, 2010

FISH HEAD - Blackfish bonanza

It was redemtion day for us after last weekends tough trip. Saturday we had close to a double limit with 4 guys fishing. Our limit got boxed up and then it was catch and release. Released one about 12lbs/27 inches. Released 2 more in the 10 lb class any many other nice roasters. Also had some keeper cod. It was classic december blackfishing!!

December 11, 2010

FISH HEAD - Blackfishing Tough Day

Tough day for us. Had Jim Z and crew out for their first blackfish mission. Had high hopes for the day after the recent good fishing but.... it was not our day. Only had 3 keeps and about a dozen shorts. OUCH!!!

Regardless, it was a beautiful day on the water and a great crew. We all still had fun! ....that's fishin

December 6, 2010

FISH HEAD - Weekend blackfish report

Saturday - lots of wind and cold - squeaked out just shy of a 4 man limit but fished long and hard. lots of time between bites and fish were on the smaller side.

Sunday - lots and lots of wind and colder - after the first hour fishing I really thought I was nuts when we didn't even have a bite??? Finally started to get sniffs, hits, swings, and finally they went on the chew. We had our 4 man limit with mostly decent 3-5lb fish - 2 - 8's an 11lb and released a few more. The bite shut down after about 3hrs and we headed for the barn around 1pm. Turned out to be a great day with some hardcore toggin!!!

November 19, 2010

FISH HEAD - 3 B's Bass, Blues, Blacks

Had Rick C. and friends aboard for a jigging trip. Started out off our inlet and bent rods on bluefish. Got a call from Capt. Alan (Reel Class) that the bite was on to the south. Worked hard and managed a boat limit of stripers and many bluefish!! (even some snoop doggies). Many of the bass were small and released but we caught our 4man limit and then went for some blackfish. Everybody had a chance to catch a few (but short) and 3 boxers for the table. Another great day on the water!!!

October 24, 2010

FISH HEAD - Striped Bass & Bluefish Trip

Saturday - had the Vince C. charter. They wanted to bend rods and hopefully catch Conrad his first keeper Bass.....Mission accomplished!!!.. We hit the rocks and had consistant bluefish action. They boxed up a bunch for the table. Although the bass fishing was difficult, we managed 3 keepers. Great crew lots of laughs, action, and fun!! Another great day on the water!!

October 9, 2010

FISH HEAD - Jigging Trip for Bluefish/Stripers

Saturday had Robert Mitch and friends on board for a Striper/Bluefish trip. Beautiful dayon the water. Lots of life, lots of boats and bent rods most of the day. Mostly bluefish, a few bass but only one keeper. Regardless, the crew had a blast and kept a few for the table.

September 11, 2010

FISH HEAD - Bluefin Tuna Report

Made it out Sat. despite a rough ride out. It was worth it and it eventually laid down nice. We looked around on the inshore grounds and found no life. THe crew wanted to go the distance so we did. Went 2 for "afew" due to a bad guide on a rod that took us 2 lost fish to figure out. Either way we kept 1 51" fish and released a larger one. Had some others hooked and lost.. Bad hook up ratio but we had our fish and plenty of action. Couldnt get them to touch a jig. All fish were on sardines and peanuts. Great day on the water!!

August 31, 2010

LOWRIDER - Canyon Daytroll

We had Brian Hanisco out with his wife and several friends for a daytroll.After some talking they decided to roll the dice...We got to the Canyon and covered alot of ground and didnt get a single Tuna bite.At the end of the day we had 6 gaffer Mahi to 15lbs on the troll to show for our efforts.The Canyon has been spotty so hopefully this storm shakes em' up!See you back for the overnight trip thanks for hanging in there all day!

August 23, 2010

LOWRIDER - Open Canyon Overnighter 8/21-8/22

We hosted an Open trip this weekend to the Hudson with Steve his son Greg, James and Dave. We put em in around 5pm on the troll and picked a Mahi. With all the life we worked the area and hooked up our second Big eye of the year that went 150lbs. After setting up the chunk we went 1 for 3 on YFT to 45lbs, broke off a sword that ate a chunk line 60lb floro and bill rash are not a good combo... also had a hammer head. Got up on the troll in the morning and didnt have a touch. All in all a tough trip but thanks to the eyeball it made it a memorable one for all of the anglers on board as they all fought it for awhile. Pics and Bigeye video up soon.

August 9, 2010

LOWRIDER - Canyon Overnighter 7/7-7/8

We had the Mark Kratter charter out for our 1st overnighter of the year. After getting to the Hudson we saw a Whale Shark and they are awesome up cloe and personal! We put'em in on the troll had 2 blow up on the bars and didnt come tight. The chunk was slow boating a Mahi and a small Mako. Up on the drag in the Morning we had 2 to 70lbs and a few more Mahi. Tile fished for an hr and put 8 in the boat and headed for home. All in all a slow trip but still managed to put some meat in the box... Thanks Mark and friends see you in Sept.!

August 2, 2010

FISH HEAD - Weekend Recap Botton Dwellars and BFT

Friday - Had Christine F. and friends out for a magic hours wreck trip. Caught a bunch of sea bass, blackfish, and various other bottom dwellars. First time fishing for some in the party - they had a blast, caught a bunch to bring home a nice bag-o-fish and let the rest go to catch again.

Saturday - fun trip - opted to go offshore wreck fishing to avoid the BFT crowds in the am. Jigged and baited some quality pollack,cod,ling. Went on the troll in the evening. Kim locked into a nice fish and after a 20 min. battle here comes a large winged thing... bummer - snagged cow nose ray! Got 1 small BFT after that and headed for the barn! Pollacks were 36 and 32 lbs on the hand scale. Great day on the water.

July 26, 2010

FISH HEAD - Weekend Blue Fin Tuna Report & Shark River Yacht Club Tournament Report

Hit the bluefin grounds this weeknd on a small weather window. Lines in at 4 am fish on at 4:15. All fish on the troll wwb on the Joe Schutes. Went 7 for 7 for the day. Kept our "Charter Boat" over/under 47.5 inch fish and 53inch. All others released including one bigger. Back at the dock for lunch!! Great day!!

Shark River Yacht Club Fluke Tournament - Took 2nd in the fluke category and 1st in the sea bass calcutta. Fluke was 7.4lbs Sea Bass was a beaut! All head - 5.6lbs Had 8 other keeper fluke including a 29inch, 26inch and a 24 inch. Great tournament! and what a spread of food. Fresh fish fry, pig roast, clams, burgers, dogs and many cold ones etc!!
Congrats to the winner and thank you Seth and crew for a great event!

July 10, 2010

LOWRIDER - Hudson Canyon Day Troll Trip

We had the Ed Grimmer charter out for a day troll on Friday.After a bumpy ride out we slid into Hudson Canyon at 1st light we had a knock down.We didnt get another bite till noon which was a White Marlin that we missed on the drop back.Coming back up the edge we saw a few slicks and finally started to pick a few Yellowfins. After the dust settlled we ended up going 5 for 10 on YFT to 50lbs ,1 mahi,and 0 for 1 on Whites.Great ride home after a real tough day. Thanks again Ed and Crew!

July 3, 2010

LOWRIDER - Canyon Trip 150 lbs Tuna

We had Matt Durkin and Jack McGann out on our 1st Canyon trip of the year. Set up the spread in the dark and we went to work. First bite of the year we had 5 come up and 2 came tight 1 40lb YFT and Jack boated our first Bigeye of the year 150+ pound fish . After working the area we hooked up a White Marlin and pulled the hook on it. Coming across the Hudson to the other side we had another White come take a look but couldnt come tight on em'.In the afternoon we put 2 more YFT in the boat in the 45-50lb class. Great start to the Canyon season hope it holds up! Thanks Matt and Jack! When the dust settled we had 150+Bigeye, 3 YFT 40-50lbs and 0 for 2 on Whites.

June 28, 2010

Mako Shark Fever Tournament Report

Another good weekend of sharkin!

Friday had the Fish Head out for Mako Fever. Beat off blue sharks all day long until the 2 o clock bite came which was the right kind. good fight with a nice jump. Made it on the scales for Mako Fever after day one with third place. 185lbs. Unfortunately it didn't last as there were many 200lb class fish brought in. Regardless we had a blast and it's always nice to weigh one in.

Saturday fished the Lowrider. Fishy conditions, again beat off the blue sharks all day long. Caught and released quite a few. Highlight was a 300lb Great white that did a drive by and circled the boat. What a sight! We never got the right one to bite that day. But again... had a blast!!! Congrats to Big Kid on the winning fish (I think) and XTC for hangin a good one in Mako Fever

June 21, 2010

LOWRIDER - Brett Taylor Bailey Annual Mako Shark Rodeo Tournament Report

Lowrider fished with our shark fishing crew for the Brett Bailey Shark tournament out of Brielle this weekend. Fantastic fishing!! We had action all day with many bites, sights,run offs, and hook ups. Finished the day going 4 for 4 on sharks. 3 makos, 1 brown- (all released except the one for the scales) 172lbs on the tournament scale. Not enough to put us on the board but a quality fish! We finished the night with a great party at the dock grillin some fresh mako steaks YUM!!
Congrats to Insufficient Funds on their win and big fish 385lbs!! WOW. Great tournament/great fishing/great crew! Mako Mania/Fever coming up next weekend!!!

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