May 31, 2011

Lowrider - Philly Boys Striper Charter Wrecked Em'!

We had the Philly Boys out for a Striper trip Monday afternoon.We filled the livewell and worked up North.After putting out the spoons and a stretch down the middle it got bit 5lb Fluke on the troll!??Ok..Worked in tighter and the bass started slow at first then doubles on the spoons and we boxed up in short order.Then the games began..Started gettin em on Pencil poppers and Bill McFadden swimmers an awesome show with the topwaters!We had doubles and triples on the plugs .Last but not least we had a few more on the livies but they were hardly needed..When the dust cleared we kept 8 fish and released well over twenty up to 35lbs nice work on the releases boys!Love seeing the big girls swim away.An awesome night with a great bunch of guys!What a show the fish put on..See you guys for a Tuna trip!

May 30, 2011

Fish Head - Black Drum Cherry

Sorry for the late post - had surgery and been layin low all week.

Well..... I popped the black drum cherry (if there is such a thing)???

Had Dave P and Dave Jr out bass fishing last Saturday. Had a great bass bite going on the troll....all of a sudden the lighter rod starts screaming. After a good battle we landed the first Black drum on the Fish Head. What a beast and an amazing drum beat noise they make! Fish ate a stretch.

Glad to see the excitement on Jr's face!!!

May 29, 2011

Lowrider - Rains Striper Charter

Had the Rains charter out for their annual Memorial Day trip. Started with heavy fog outside the Inlet and enough marks to put the wire out. Had our 1st and biggest fish of the day a 35lber. Put another in the boat and lost a third one. The bite slowed and I made my way up North and we spooned 3 more fish. Went out and drifted some livies had a couple pick ups nothin' else..We ended up 5 for 6 on bass to 35lbs. Thanks guys see you next year

May 22, 2011

Lowrider - Ruf Family Striper Charter

We had the Ruf family out yesterday afternoon for a bass trip in deteriorating conditions.We set up on the troll and within an hr we had 5 bass in the boat up to 30lbs,easy trip not!They pulled the disappearing act and we moved up north ,had em swirling and chasing the livies(thanks Joe!) but no takers .Bluefish showed so out with the spoons again put 3 more in the boat and pulled the hook on a few ...Everyone had action and we ended up with 8 Striped Bass to 30 lbs.Thanks guys and ladies for making the bites we got count!
~ Capt Tee

May 20, 2011

FISH HEAD - Friday report

Every dog has his day - Fished the evening Friday, bait was hard to come by, dodged a thunderstorm and had a tough day fishing with regulars JTO. Patients finally paid off as we finally caught 2.....not our day but at least we beat the skunk!!....oh well, get em next time!!

May 14, 2011

LOWRIDER - 50lber on Breslin Charter

We had the Breslin party out on a 4hr trip for JR's bachelor party.It was a little slow for the first hour or so .We moved and had oyr 1st bite right away and it came unglued.Shortly after we started to pick a few teen agers on spoons.Then the rod got smoked..we put our 1st 50lber in the boat on a spoon! we kept on a slow pick and the boys pulled the plug and we headed home and they headed to AC! Congrats on the fish and good luck JR!We ended up with 6 and a 50lb slob, not bad for spoonin and a short trip!!The fish bottomed out the scale past 50lbs and the measurement were 47" long but 31"girth not long but what a fatty!

May 11, 2011

Fish Head - Christened the new boat with Bass Mayhem!

Had the JTO Charter for the first trip on the new ride and it was all out MAYHEM!!! Started the day gathering bait and then looked an sniffed until we found the life. We had a nonstop bite for about 5hrs jigging and live lining. Lost count on the total tally but 75 fish would be fair to say. All fish were released except 3 for the table and a few bluefish. Sorry no pics.. Overall a great day fishing and a great way to break in the new boat.

Great to be back on the water!!

May 7, 2011

LOWRIDER - Hanisco Family Striped Bass Charter

We had Brian out with his wife, dad, nephew, and in-laws out for an afternoon bass trip. We broke the inlet to find life right out front and Tyler put his first striper ever in the boat an 18lber in short order. Only 15 minutes in to the trip we have one in the box. Next up was Brian’s mother in law she did a great job on her first Striper that went 22 lbs 45 minutes in and 2 fish in the box I’m starting to think we will we will box up pretty quick. NOT!!! the fish got lock jaw and despite running to a few other spots we only had one other shot on a jig...Thanks for hanging in there with us till well after dark. Brian, see you soon hopefully under better fishing conditions! Capt. Tee

May 1, 2011

LOWRIDER - Garber Striped Bass Charter

We had Steve Garner and family out for the season opener and we were greeted by slow fishing reports and a cold SE wind out front. With few marks and only a 4-hr trip we went on the troll and managed to put 4 fish in the boat. Not a slammer by any means,but 3 generations had the first three to the boat in short order. They made the best of it by putting all 4 bites we had in the boat. Thanks guys! See you during shark season!

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