August 16, 2011

Fish Head - Canyon Report

Late report from weekend Canyon trip - good action on Longfin, yellowfin and small sword (released) tried to add tiles to the mix but they did not cooperate - Great trip, great crew, beautiful weather, and plenty of action to bloody the decks!!

August 13, 2011

Lowrider - Shea Inshore Charter

We had Brian and friends out for what was an inshore troll trip. Well after hearing about slow Bluefin and green water inside we decided to run out to clean water. Working our way from the Baccardi to the Texas Tower we got our shot for the day out in the Tower area when a tuna blew up on the bird and never came tight. After pounding the area we worked toward the Chicken and some of the worst looking water I've seen in a long time, we picked up and run in to hit some pots in the Glory Hole area which had been picked over by the time we got there. I decided to pick up and run way in side and we finally found some Bluefin mixed in with Bluefish on top. Tried everything to get past the 10-15 lb Blues after donating several jigs and and circle hooks you just couldn't get past'em even though you could see the Bluefins streaking past the Bluefish we got a Tuna Skunk for our efforts...Sorry Boys.

August 8, 2011

Fish Head - Adam Ackerman Charter

Saturday we had the Adam Ackerman charter. 4 brothers looking to have a nice day on the water and bend some rods. Had a nice morning...started the day looking for some light tackle bluefish to no avail. All boats were looking and searching but they were thin. Switched over to fluke and had a decent bite. Boxed up 8 nice keepers and many shorts with a few sea bass in the mix. Went back to bluefish-ing .....again nothing. We were going to take a ride to the pots to look for mahi but the inshore waters were dirty and green and the wind came up hard so we headed for the barn. Overall decent fluke bite but that's about it. Always a fun day on the water!!

August 4, 2011

Fish Head - Frank Commisso Charter

On Saturday we had the Frank Commisso charter out for a family day of fishing. We had a steady pick of short fluke to keep everyone busy. Boxed up a total of 12 keeper fluke to 5lbs and a half dozen nice size sea bass. Great trip and a fun time for all!!! Frank and family went home with nice bags o fish!

August 1, 2011

Possible New IGFA record Blueline Tile Caught,fillet,and eaten on the Lowrider...ouch

We had the Kratter Charter out for an overnight canyon trip on 7/30-7/31. We put the lines in short of the canyon and came tight on our 1st and only 50lb YFt. Before we set up for the night the charter wanted to drop for Tiles so we found a spot and our 1st drop produced a 23lb Blueline Tile. We ended up on the drift and went 1for 3 on swords . The morning troll was slow so we poked around some more for tiles and put 2 more Bluelines in the box an 18lber and a 14lber, which at the time I didn't think much of... Before cutting the fish Mark made George weigh the tiles on our hand scale and they went home. Well today I find out from Capt Arthur we had just cut up a potential IGFA world record... and some very respectable Bluelines..The current record holder can breath easier now but I have the Numbers,and who knows if we caught Mama...OUCH!!!

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