October 25, 2012

Lowrider - Pioli Charter 10/21

We had Vince,John,Greg,Jim and Laura out Sunday to find some Bass and Blues.Left in the dark headed North put em in and Laura had our first Bass in the boat in short order.I should have known that was too good to last with all te reports of jumbo Bluefish around...We were on a tear Bluefish after Bluefish with some doubles and after everyone had a shot on the rod guess who got the second Bass on a Maja spoon it wasnst much bigger than the spoon but man did Laura give the guys the business!We kept working the area with nothing to show for our efforts but several more Bluefish to end the day.Thanks guys for a great day on the water and congrats Laura on your first and second Bass!See you in the spring!

October 2, 2012

Lowrider - Ramnanan Canyon Charter 9/29-30

We had Andy his brother Surjay,Ryan Mohamad,and Randy Ramroop out for an overnighter.After a slow afternoon troll we had two come up and pulled the hook on one.We set up for the chunk,Slow going other than a sword bite that didint come tight,so we moved at 330am and had 3 bites going 2 for three on nice Long finsto 65+lbs. Up on the troll in the morning we went 2/3 on longfins. Had a tough trip but managed to put 4 in the boat and poped 3 canyon and tuna cherries. All in all had a very enjoyable trip with an awesome bunch of guys that I look forward to fishing with again! Thanks guys see you next year!

September 15, 2012

LOWRIDER - Open Boat Overnighter 9/12-9/13

We had Brian, his wife Evey, Kevin and Pell out for an open boat trip with high hopes and lots of bites. We put em in at the elbow and worked the troll up to the 100 square and the armada of boats there...The afternoon troll was extended into the dark and well away from the fleet. On the chunk we had a quick flurry of 5 bites with 3 comin tight and and after breaking 2 off we finally put our only YFT tuna in the boat 70+lbs. Then it was quiet till the sword rod went off and we boated a small sword. We moved back to our original drift and hooked a better Mahi around 25lbs. Then it happend a chunk rod went off and we managed to stop it with a third of the spool left.Two hours later we got to see a sword well over 300lb on 60lb floro that should never have made it so close to the boat..a few min later almost in dart range she rolled on the main line cut us off.Like most good fish stories it had a bad ending.Thanks to every one and most of all Pell for doing a great job on a mean fish.We ended up a grinding out 1 YFT 1 sword and a mahi.Thanks again guys!

September 4, 2012

Fish Head - Labor day Weekend report

Friday - Had Jay and Harris out for a fluke trip. - The crew combined their efforts and put 10 keeper fluke in the box. Many shorts kept us busy all morning. We then switched it up to catch some triggers and sea bass. Great crew lots of fun and two nice bags-0-fish for the table!

Sun - Had John, Tom and Ziggy out to target albies on light tackle. Loaded up with spearing and light jigs, we headed to the grounds in rough seas. Had a great bite for about 45 minutes of albie and skipjack action. Had them up behind the boat streaking and boiling in the slick. Then, they shut off like a switch. Plenty of bluefish to keep us busy also. Went on the sniff to find some other patches of fish but only a handful more on the troll. Weather got real nice for the ride home. Great trip with a great crew and lots of screaming drags. I thought the albie action would be more consistant...regardless still plenty of action. Cant wait to get out again for them....loads of fun!!

August 27, 2012

Fish Head - Weekend Mixed bag + Triggers

Sat. - Had the Ray C. charter. - First time fluking for the crew. We had an enjoyable day on the water with plenty of action. Many shorts but ended the day with enough keepers for the boys to take home a big bag o fish for their fish dinner! Thanks to a great crew.

Sun - Cancelled charter due to poor forecast. Let things settle down on the water and snuck out in the afternoon to catch some triggers. WOW are these things fun to catch and YUM - good eats.. Had a great afternoon and nice mixed bag.

August 19, 2012

Fish Head - Saturday Inshore Report

Had Adam A. and family out Saturday. Started out fluking to no avail with only shorts and a few keeper sea bass for our efforts. Worked some shark baits over the reef with no takers. Looking to bend some rods and find some action we headed out to the lumps in 100ft. Found some life - False albies on light tackle!!! We had steady action and screaming reels with them until it was time to head in. No bonito or any other edibles but it should bust open any time!! Thanks to a great crew!

August 10, 2012

APP.com - Tuna Tagging Article with Capt Mike from SIC

This article from 8/9/2012 by Kirk Moore for the Asbury Park Press on tuna tagging mentions Capt Mike Formichella of Shark Inlet Charters and discusses one of his more recent tags.   Enjoy!


August 7, 2012

LOWRIDER - ELLIOT Canyon Overnighter 8/3-8/4

We had Niles ,Holland and Brad the bugeater lol out for an overnight Canyon trip.Up on the troll till dark only produced 1 60lbYFT which Holland made short work of.After setting up on the chunk we boated a few more including 1 on the jig and lost a few others.It was about a bite an hour but steady.The guys did a good job and put 3 out of 5 in the boat on the chunk with several other bites that didnt come tight.Up on the troll at 1st light till 10:30 we didnt get a bite,after working several good marks we headed for the barn.The boys ended up 4for 6 on nice YFT in the 50-60lb range.Another grind but still putting a catch together,Thanks Guys for a great time!

July 31, 2012

Fish Head - Muy Bonita (chick trip)

With Sundays funny weather we bailed on going offshore and took the girls on an inshore troll. Put our time in trolling looking and finally found the Bonito. Trolled up a bunch then set up on the drift and had a brown shark bonanza. Great day as the girls caught some good eats and then all got to battle some brown bruisers on light tackle. Fun day!!

LOWRIDER - Open Boat Canyon 7/28-7/29 YFT LFT MAKO

We had James ,Dave and Kevin out for an over night Canyon trip,with few reports we headed off .After checking the sat shots we went deep to some nice looking water.After being on the troll a few hours we had 3 YFT crash the spread and 2 came tight.Dave and James put em in the boat 1 was 50-55 and the other was 60+.Worked the area and went on the slide for the night.After getting bit off a few times we put out a shark rig and came tight instantly on a nice Mako that Kevin and George went to work on appox 250lbs and 86" long.Hooked up a another YFT on the chunk that pulled the hook next to the boat,and a blue shark.Up on the troll in the am we boated 2 30lb Longfin to end our trip!When the dust settled we end up 4 for5 on tuna 2yft and 2 lft and a @50lb Mako,not a slammer but a good trip!Thanks guys for puttin em in the boat!

July 30, 2012

Fish Head - Saturday Fluke Trip

Funny fluking Saturday - Greeted with an odd heave in the morning and ominous clouds surrounding us - Robert, Dave and Bob worked it to put together a decent catch of fluke and other bottom dwellers. We didn't crush em by any means but they managed 6 keepers and plenty of action on shorts before calling it a day due to thunderstorms. Congrats Dave on his personal best fluke! Great day on the water and amazingly we never got rained on!!

July 23, 2012

Sunday Funday Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna & Mahi Mahi

Fun trip on Sunday - First fish was on as we were setting out the lines, got a nice surprise with a quality Yellowfin. Thought it was gonna be a great day but 5 more hours on the troll and nothing but a few boils on the spread. Went on the chunk and jig and jigged up and nice 54 inch Bluefin. Congrats Dave on your PB bluefin on a jig!!! Got a nice mahi barrage when 3 gaffers came barreling through the slick. A few bluefish and some shark sightings but that was it for the day. As always lots of fun and boxed up some good eats!!!

July 15, 2012

LOWRIDER - Pollio Bluefin Charter 7/14

We had Mike, Mack,AJ and Brian out for thier 1st tuna trip.We got to the area and only had 2 lines out and we had our 1st BFT.This went on all morning doubles and triples with 25-40lb fish.I headed further off to try to find them an over but after a copuple hrs looking we headed back and went back to work.The guys all popped their tuna cherries and all had a blast.We didnt manage to get an over and our largest fish was 45".After the dust settled we went 21 for 23 on Bluefins all on the troll,plastic and ballyhoos it all got bit.Thanks guys for an awesome trip!

July 11, 2012

Fish Head - Bluefin Tagging Mission

Fish Head was back to the Bluefin grounds Sunday for a tagging mission for the Atlantic Tuna Project http://www.savethebluefin.com/
What a blast!! Catching, tagging and releasing tunas of all sizes. We managed to tag/release 6 and actually captured a tagged fish from Madrid Spain. Amazing!!
Great day on the water!!! Chris hooked about a 125lb Dusky shark on his spinning reel to spice up the action. Had a nice triple header Bluefin jigging also!
Incredible day!! And can't wait to get some tags back in the future!

July 9, 2012

Fish Head - Offshore weekend report

Had Jason Todd JB Pat and Kim for a tuna sniff mission. Headed to Toms for our 1st overnighter of the year. Worked it hard but couldn't find a break. Afternoon troll produced a donut. Set up for the night and it looked good - bait life etc. Only one tuna bite which came up tail wrapped and was lost at the boat. A few mahi and sharks kept us awake all night. In the morning got up on the troll and headed south to Carteret - nothing again!!!arrg. had to change mindset and look for some bluefin. Headed to the southern bluefin grounds and lines in - fish on fish fish off after it smoked 400 yards of line and my braid backing connection hung up in the guide. swung around and hooked up again. After a great battle Jason landed a 51 incher. went looking for our under and found them on Topwater action!! Caught and released a bunch. What a daysaver!! Overall great trip and lots o laughs!!!

June 25, 2012

Fish Head - Mako Mania/Fever report

Had our shark tournamnet crew out Saturday for Mako Mania/Fever tournaments. We had high hopes after having 4 makos the previous weekend....but I have nothing good to report other than EL SKUNKO for us. Had only one run off and one skippy bit between the hooks and that was it - no drift and couldn't find the life....thats fishing???

Congrats top the winners especially XTC wieghing in multiple fish and holding 4th in Mako Fever (I think) - Snow Goose - If your on here I have some nice pics of you at the weigh in congrats on that fish!!

Until next year......it's tuna time!!

Lowrider - NY Crew Tilefish Charter 6/23/12

Had Austin and a few of his friends out for some deep drop Tilefishing.We had a great ride out to the edge and proceeded to put a nice catch of Tiles together.The four of them dropped and reeled all day with several swing and misses and a ton of laughs with a great bunch of guys ,two of wich mate on head boats in NY. I pulled the plug on the boys when we met our limit.All went home with sore arms and talking about thier next Tile trip.The biggest went 30lbs and the average was 10lbs with some bigger and some smaller Blue line tiles mixed in.Thanks guys for a fun day!

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