May 31, 2012

Fish Head - Topwater Bass action

Had John Tom Ed and Ziggy out in the PM. Slow start as we only had 3 fish after about 5hours on the drift with live bait. Stayed with the bait until mayhem broke loose. The last 2 hrs we had fish blowing up on everything. These guys got to do what they do best ....throwing swimmers and topwaters. We had multiple triple headers and fisnished the night with well over 20 fish. All released except 2 for the table. Patience paid and it turned out to be a great night. See pics - triple header and one had a swimming plug wedged in his mouth not even hooked....crazy bite!!

May 30, 2012

Fish Head - Bass in the fog Wed PM

Foggy conditions last night so we didn't run around as much. Made for a tough night for us hence all the great reports. Managed 6 fish and a few more hit and misses. All fish released except one for the table. Largest went 32 lbs on the Boca.

May 29, 2012

LOWRIDER - Hanisco Bass Charter 5/28/12

We had Brian and his wife out with a few friends on an afternoon trip . We headed down south for a change for some snag and drop fishing.We had some first timers out and we missed afew and managed to break two bass cherrys one around 30 and another around the 40lb mark.The window for us was short and the late evening was quiet exept for missing one on the spoons ofcousre on the way home.It was fun working the pods and alot of laughs seeyou guys in a couple of weeks!

May 28, 2012

LOWRIDER - Dietzel Bass Charter

We had the Dietzel Charter from Michigan out Sun afternoon for some bass fishing.After poor morning bite we went looking around the pods on the troll.We found em up north and managed to go 3 for 5 on some nice fish with the #4 Maja spoons and shad rigs getting bit. The pressure was off but it was a struggle to find em for a great bunch out here from Michigan. Good luck in AC!! Hope to see you again.

May 26, 2012

LOWRIDER - Last Couple Days

Rodgers Bass Charter 5/24

We had the Rodgers Charter out Thursday afternoon with high expectations after a slammer trip last year.After making bait we headed up to fish,and we were crushed by the Blues ...And after hooking up and losing a few bass live lining we put out the spoons. Hooked up another bass and she came unglued as well.We limped home in the fog with only Bluefish to show for our efforts.

Sheridan Bass Charter 5/25

We had Kevin and the boys out for an afternoon trip Friday afternoon.While making bait I look to see Kevin eating a F-in bannana!!After ridding the boat of a second one we started fishing.These boys had a 50 last year and after the bannana episode I figured we were done..Well we found em' with the spoons and proceeded to christen our new Tony Maja rods in style and were bent up for a couple hours!After the dust settled we hooked up 25 Bass and put 10 in the boat to 35lbs! All our fish were on the #4Green Maja spoons.I guess it was something Kevin ate !LMAO.See you guys next year!

May 24, 2012

Fish Head - Bass in the fog Wed PM

Foggy conditions last night so we didn't run around as much. Made for a tough night for us hence all the great reports. Managed 6 fish and a few more hit and misses. All fish released except one for the table. Largest went 32 lbs on the Boca.

May 21, 2012

Fish Head - Sea Bass Opening Day!

Took a break from the striper madness to do some bottom fishing - Made a crew trip for Opening day of Sea Bass fishing season. It was just plain good fun fishing with lots of laughs and bent rods and a nice variety of fish. Many double headers and a nice ratio of keepers. Some ling and blackfish and winter flounder spiced things up. We had about 70 plus sea bass and we were home for lunch. Great day - great fun!!!

May 20, 2012

LOWRIDER - Cronin Bass Charter 5/19/12

We had Joe and a few of his long time friends out for a 4hr trip before the horse race. Broke the inlet at 2:30 and by 4:00 we were back in due to sea sickness. A short trip made even shorter we managed to put one 35lber in the boat and have a few others come unglued. See you guys next year!

May 17, 2012

Fish Head - Wednesday PM Bassin

Had John and Tom out for a PM trip. The fog lifted, the bunkers were stacked up, things were looking great.......we just couldn't buy a bite. Finally as the sun set, the screen lit up and we plucked 4 bass and a couple bluefish. All released. Great fisherman and they worked hard all afternoon, it was just not our day!!

May 13, 2012

LOWRIDER - Tezak Bass Charter

We had Tim and the boys out for an afternoon trip. Got to the grounds and out went the Majas and right after we came tight on a double header. I thought it was game on because both came unglued. We ended up hooking over a dozen fish with alot of short hits. Ended up with 3 in the boat. It was a very fustrating evening for us to say the least. However, we still managed to laugh and bust balls all night, still a good but tough night for us. See you guys soon & Thanks!

Fish Head - Weekend re-cap - Lots-o-Bass!!

Friday- Had Frank Sr and Frank Jr on Board. Once we found em it was game on. Bait, and jigs got it done and then we went on the troll for a few more. Frank Jr caught his very first striper (congrats)!!! 80 year old Frank Sr. topped his personal best! Congrats again. They kept one for the table and released all the others.

Sat. - Had Jim E. and his crew aboard. Excellent fishing - easy bait, snag and drop and lots of action. They had limits plus and got to see some amazing topwater action!! Great crew and great fishing!!

May 9, 2012

LOWRIDER - Just Spoonin Around 5/7

George and I headed out last night to fish around last night to fish for an hour or two before dark. We found em deep with the Maja #4 s in yellow and white. We ended up getting 7 or 8 to the boat and had at least as many hits. Kept two for the table and released the rest. With the fish being spread out last night covering ground was key. Even in snotty conditions last night the Maja spoons perfomed well, fished em slow and deep.

May 7, 2012

Fish Head - Magic Hours Bass to 38lbs

Had John and his daughters Anna and Caroline out for a Magic Hours trip Sunday evening. All first timers and had steady action on the Maja spoons. They listened, learned, and went to work catching 7 bass. The only thing better than seeing them catch thier first bass was watching them release their first bass as well. Big fish for the day was 38lbs on the boca scale. Congrats and job well done!!

LOWRIDER - Siegler Charter 5/6/12

We had Steven and David with thier 6 year old sons Johna and Menachem out for a 4hr trip .This being the first time for all of them fishing we went to work.The 1st hr was a little slow then we found em and went 3 for 5 in short order on the Maja #4s .They all did very well on the fish and congrats to them all on thier first Stripers!With the bite just starting to build they pulled the plug early due to a long drive home,see you guys next time.

May 2, 2012

Fish Head - Magic Hours Trip

Monday had Dave, Pete, Walt, and Ryan out for a Magic Hours trip in the evening. What a difference a day makes...We were inundated with bluefish of all sizes. Couldn't find the striped species anywhere!! Good news is the crew had a blast with hours worth of bent rods and tired arms. Tons of bait, birds, and a hard SE blow. Overall still a great night on the water. Sorry no pictures - was to busy with a major blitz going on!!

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