June 25, 2012

Fish Head - Mako Mania/Fever report

Had our shark tournamnet crew out Saturday for Mako Mania/Fever tournaments. We had high hopes after having 4 makos the previous weekend....but I have nothing good to report other than EL SKUNKO for us. Had only one run off and one skippy bit between the hooks and that was it - no drift and couldn't find the life....thats fishing???

Congrats top the winners especially XTC wieghing in multiple fish and holding 4th in Mako Fever (I think) - Snow Goose - If your on here I have some nice pics of you at the weigh in congrats on that fish!!

Until next year......it's tuna time!!

Lowrider - NY Crew Tilefish Charter 6/23/12

Had Austin and a few of his friends out for some deep drop Tilefishing.We had a great ride out to the edge and proceeded to put a nice catch of Tiles together.The four of them dropped and reeled all day with several swing and misses and a ton of laughs with a great bunch of guys ,two of wich mate on head boats in NY. I pulled the plug on the boys when we met our limit.All went home with sore arms and talking about thier next Tile trip.The biggest went 30lbs and the average was 10lbs with some bigger and some smaller Blue line tiles mixed in.Thanks guys for a fun day!

June 22, 2012

Fish Head - 250lb Mako

Made a crew trip earlier this week looking for another big Mako. Great teamwork and we were able to get the fish in less than an hour after several jumps! We are ready for the Mako tournaments and hope the good karma sticks with us! This is the 4th Mako for us this year.

I pulled together some of the stills of this monster Mako jumping out of the water.  Video from the trip coming soon!

June 19, 2012

LOWRIDER - Bluefin Tuna / Mako trip 6/16/12

We headed out Sat in the snot to look around for some BFT around were we had em last week before the blow. Well we struckout on the BFT and decided to set up on the drift and shark.We had a Blue shark released a small Mako and ended the day with one around 180.

June 18, 2012

Fish Head - Shark trip released a beast

Saturday had Rikard and his crew from Sweden to experience NJ sharking. We had a great day with constant action with makos and blue sharks. Everyone got to battle with multiple fish including 3 makos and multiple blue sharks. We boated our steak-o early in the day and kept busy catching and releasing many blue sharks. In the afternoon we hooked the monster. Rikard fought the fish for 1hr and 20 minutes and 2.2 miles and 6 leaps clear out of the water. He never let go of the rod!!! Since we already had 1 mako boated we had to let this one live so our goal was to just get pictures and set her free. We have some great video of multiple jumps and I am waiting to see what pictures from other cameras came out good. The pictures do no justice however being conservative I would estimate the fish to be approx 450 lbs and 9ft long. She did not want to show herself for pictures. We had the leader and wire up 7 times for pics and just kept snapping photos. Eventually we decieded its time to let her swim. Official catch and release of a fish of a lifetime. Great day, incredible experience, phenominal crew, and good karma on our side. Thank you Rikard, Kallo, Mattius, Pelle, and Jimmy my mate for a spectacular day that we will all never forget!!

June 11, 2012

LOWRIDER - Hanisco Shark/BFT Charter 6/10/12

We had Brian and the crew out Sunday for our first Mid range trip of the year. On our way out we found some life put em in on the troll and in under a 1/2 hr we had our 1st BFT and Bonita in the boat.Since we had our BFT we headed out to shark.After boating a dozen or so Blue sharks and serious lack of drift we went back on the troll.Working the same area we sharked we picked and released some more BFT all on plastic.All in all it wasnt a bad trip other than no Mako bite for us..Thanks again guys for a fun trip!

SJ Shark Tournament. 285lb Mako aboard Fat Cat

Made our annual trek down to Cape May for the South Jersey Shark tournament aboard the Fat Cat with Capt. Steve King. Always a great event and another year on the leader board for us!! Fat Cat took third place with a 285lb mako. Second was 288lbs and 1st was 330lbs. Congrats to the winners Rainmaker and Post Game!! Great tournament, outstanding crew and nothing but a good ole time!!

June 7, 2012

Fish Head - Bass n Blues & more Blues

Wed. night had John, Tom Ozzie and Ziggy. South wind fan turned on pretty good making it a little bumpy.
Battled through bluefish ALL NIGHT!! Managed to pull 7 bass out of the mix but worked hard for them. Had one on a popper and also caught one with a tag that will be sent in for research. The tagged fish was 40inches 28lbs and healthy. The others were similar give or take a few lbs. Sorry no pics - camera issues. Thanks guys for a great trip!!

June 4, 2012

Fish Head - Sunday Bass report

Had Allen, Jerry and sons TJ and Zack out for a PM bass trip. Not much to offer in a report other than insane weather. One throw loaded the livewell and off we went. Fished for about an hour then ran for cover in Shark River as the first storm pushed through. Waited and hour ran back out. Had another hour or so to fish.....caught a few bluefish and no bass. Storm number two was fear! 40 knot winds sideways rain, lightning, whitwater conditions. Ran home and called it a day. Safety first!!
No fish pictures just weather -

June 3, 2012

Fish Head - Striped bass to 42lbs

Had Jay, John, (Iowa)Harold, and Harris for a PM trip Saturday. Big swell beautiful night. Fishing was slow-picky however we lucked out and put together a nice catch thanks to a couple double, triple headers.
Highlight of the night was 80 year old John!! When he wasn't texting his girlfriend...... he was catching fish. He caught first fish, last fish, big fish (42lbs) and most fish. This guy was on fire!!! Had an incredible crew and we all had a blast!!!

June 2, 2012

LOWRIDER - King of the Consultants Bass Tournament

We had a crew of guys out on Fri for the King of the Consultants Charity Striped Bass Tournament which benefits The Wounded Warrior Project.A great bunch of guys toughed out some sporty conditions.We ended up going 2 for 5 on the spoons and a bunch of Blues mixed in .Our two were bookends around 30lbs .Thanks to our crew for stcking it out for a great cause!

June 1, 2012

Fish Head - Bass Insanity

Made a crew trip Thursday evening and got in on the bass insanity - Bass blowing up everywhere - threw the livies and top water swimmers - great action. Needed some meat so we boxed a few and released many. Had 2 over 40lbs, released one but the other we couldn't revive. It was 46lbs on the boca. Great night!!

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